Peles Castle is by far the most amazing place to visit in Prahova Valley .. or perhaps in the Romania actually. Some find Pelisor Castle, the lovely smaller Art Nouveau castle right next to Peles, way more charming, maybe because the queens and their children used to live there and their influence is clearly notable: the furniture, the decorations, children`s toys and special rooms, Queen Elizabeth`s private rooms, all are a statement of the day-to-day life they used to live in the beautiful and long-gone era.

However, it is Peles Castle that represent the outstanding symbol of the Romanian monarchy. Its building was initiated in Sinaia in 1873 by King Carol I and work was undertook until 1924, 10 years after the King`s death, by a series of the best Austrian architects. The result is still stunning to this day: what was ment as King`s summer residence, clearly became a political and cultural statement, his royal court and his home away from home.

It is here where Carol I had all his official visits, it was his home for 6 months a year and the place where he took his most important decisions : like the one to enter the First World War against his beloved native country – Germany, all for the well-being of his people.

Of course both Peles and Pelisor Castle were much affected by the communist regime as many valuable paintings, pieces of furniture, decorations and books were never retrieved but what WAS preserved is the most cherished part of the monarchy period.

Visit Peles and Pelisor Castle during our Prahova Valley Tour – a perfect day trip from Bucharest.


Peles Castle-a Romanian landmark

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